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Earth Day 5k Run

The Earth Day 24,901 Mile Challenge


The goal of the Earth Day 24,901 Mile Challenge is simple.  The goal is during the month of April (Earth Day Month) we will collectively see how many times we can run the distance of the equator 24,901 miles!  We need at least 415 participants to commit to run at least 2 miles a day for the month of April to make it at least once around the Equator but we think we can do more!


How do I sign up for one of your Virtual Run Events?

Find a race that looks fun or challenging to you, click on the image for that race and on the race page select “register now”

Where do your events take place?

All events are virtual races that can be run on your own time. You select where and when you run the race.

However, some races are specifically for people from within that state. Sure you could run one of those races in another state but why would you want to do that?

Can I register groups for your virtual races?

Of course, in fact, we encourage our fans to share The Virtual Run Challenge Virtual Races with their friends, family, and co-workers. The more the merrier!

Do you offer refunds on your virtual races?

We do not.

What is the difference between a virtual 5k race, 10k race, half-marathon, and a challenge race?

Most of our races can be run for any distance you prefer. The longer the distance, the more challenging it is.

Some of our races are specifically a certain distance….