Virtual Run Challenge FAQ’s

What is a Virtual Race?

A Virtual Race is a race that is completed on the individual’s own terms.  Whether you choose to walk or run your distance outdoors or indoors on a treadmill or elliptical machine the goal is movement and completing the distance you registered for.

Is there a minimum age to complete a virtual race?

Currently we have no limitations on age.  We actually encourage all ages to take on our challenges and complete them.

Do I have to complete the entire distance all at once?

No, The Virtual Run Challenge is for everyone no matter what fitness level.  Whether you are an avid runner or walker, you can split your race over a few days or weeks and they can be in any amount of distances as you feel comfortable with! Whichever way you complete the distance, a cool finisher medal is a great reward for your achievement!

How do I submit my results?

Currently, The Virtual Run Challenge is based on the honor system for submitting your results.  Once you complete the event your registered for, simply go to our RESULTS page choose the event within the dropdown, record your time, and then submit.

When do I recieve my finisher medal?

Our challenges and races are meant to be earned so our policy is to send your finisher medal after you have completed your event and submitted your results.  However, some participants prefer to have their medal before the start their challenge.  To receive your finisher’s medal and race packet prior to your event simply send us an email and we will make sure it gets sent out.

Do I have to run the race?

Our challenges all have the same goal and the goal is to get you up and moving.  Whether you choose to complete your challenge outdoors by walking or running or indoors by use of a treadmill or elliptical machine.

We also understand that many of our participants have different fitness levels.  For those that need a little extra time you can also break up your distance into manageable segments.  Just make sure you add the full time when submitting your final results.

I do not live within the United States, Can I still register for an event?

Of course! We encourage everyone to register.  The Virtual Run Challenge will have an option for our international participants to register.  Shipping is included in all our registrations.

How much of my registration is donated to charity?

The Virtual Run Challenge was started in efforts to give our participants a way to give back as well as get healthy.  Our commitment for donation is minimum of $5 per registration.

When does the charity receive the donations?

The Virtual Run Challenge typically donates monies from each event on a quarterly basis based on events that are open year round.  For events that may have a shorter open time we try to reconcile within 60 days of the event closing.