Country vs Country

Compete for total World Domination with our Country vs. Country Challenge. World Domination Country vs Country is a fitness challenge where participants within their home Country compete for bragging rights against other Country and their participants for total mileage.

How to Complete:

  1.  Choose one of our registration packages.  You can join as an individual or a team.  Whether you’re just looking for a monthly challenge or want to choose one of our challenge packages everyone’s miles count the same.
  2. Log your miles and report them via our results page daily or weekly an help your state come out on top for the month and ultimately for the year.

Registration Now Open

Our basic registration is FREE.  As we continue to grow the event we will offer various registration packages and participants will be allowed to upgrade as we release these packages.  However, no matter which level of registration you are competing at the miles count the same as any other level.  Register today and represent your country in this battle for mileage and World Domination!

Sign Up!

(It’s Free) or you can choose one of our 3 levels of entry to get official World Domination Gear.

Commit to the Miles

Each month commit to helping your designated country’s team increase their miles and establish themselves as the World Dominator!

Help Raise Money

Help us earn money and spread the cause for the designated charity!

Get to Know the Cause

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