Thanks-Oween-Mas Challenge

Ahh the holiday season, most of it is a blur packed with yummy candy,  tables full of thanksgiving dinner and endless cookie creations.   We wanted to create a challenge that “mixes” that blur of the holidays into our next virtual challenge.  So we filled our challenge blender with misletoe, pumpkin pie, and lots of mini chocolate bars and came up with the Thanks-Oween-Mas Challenge!

The Thanks-Oween-Mas Challenge is comprised of three mixed up holiday virtul 5k events that once completed all connect together to complete the trifecta of holiday events.  You can sign up for 1 or all 3 its up to you.

How to Complete:

  • Find Your Motivation and Sign up
  • Run or Walk; Indoors or Outside. You can also complete your challenge in multiple parts or all at once.
  • Submit your results and earn your medal. If using your fitness tracker take screenshots or photos showing the distance you have covered to submit as your evidence to or manually submit on our RESULTS page.
  • Share your achievement with your friends and tag us @virtualrunchallenge #virtualrunchallenge
  • Register for your next race!



18 Packets Remaining

Charity Opportunity

2019 offers more opportunity for charities to benefit from this event.  We will be offering our standard designated/default charity donation and are now taking submissions.

New for this year is if you work for a specific charity we are offering the opportunity for your charity to benefit directly from this event.  If you are interested in how your charity or non-profit can benefit please contact us a

Hand holding a red heart in the act of giving to a charity after a virtual race