Race the USA Virtual 5k Race

About the Race the USA Virtual Race:

The Race the USA Virtual 5K run plays tribute to the great American road trip and it’s rite of passage in the States. We Americans have a unique fascination with the open road. It’s built into our cultural DNA. In the same fashion we have come up with a unique opportunity (and incentive) for you to add to the memories.  Race the USA Virtual Race Series gives you the opportunity to earn a medal that represents the state you have ran in.

How to Complete:

In short it’s quite simple.  Basically you will sign up for your race just like any other race.  Only differences is you will choose the state you plan to run your Virtual 5k, Virtual 10k, or 13.1 in.  Also when reporting your finishing results make sure you also choose the state you finished in.  Once complete we will send out your State themed finisher medal!

Registration Open

Race the USA Virtual Run 10k Challenge

Pre Register Your State

The Virtual Run Challenge pre registration gives our users an early bird opportunity to get first notification on when registration for the virtual event opens.  Within a couple days before registration opens you will get an email notifying you.   There is completely no obligation to register.

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