Burning for a Cure for CRPS Virtual 5k Run Walk

For this event The Virtual Run Challenge has directly partnered with ComplexTruths Inc. to help bring awareness and to help for a cure for CRPS.  CRPS is actually the most painful disease known to humans.  According to the McGill Pain Index which is used to rate all pain diseases, events and disorders against one another, CRPS comes in at the top at 42 out of 50 (by a large margin) and it’s not subjective.

It is a disease of the NERVOUS SYSTEMS (Central, Sympathetic, Enteric & Autonomous) that can happen to any one, after any injury, at any time. CRPS is more common in women over 40 with a history of migraine, or other  injuries but affects children (as young as three), and men.

It normally starts after an injury to a limb, such as a sports injury, like tearing an ACL, spraining an ankle, injuring a shoulder or getting elbow surgery – but not always. It can happen after ANY injury to the body, anywhere, including heart attack, stroke, all surgeries of any type, getting poked by a needle or thorn of a rose, or stubbing your toe. 

This virtual 5k challenge is set to take place during the month of November which is the national awareness month.

How to Complete:

  • Find Your Motivation and Sign up
  • Run or Walk; Indoors or Outside. You can also complete your challenge in multiple parts or all at once.
  • Submit your results and earn your medal. If using your fitness tracker take screenshots or photos showing the distance you have covered to submit as your evidence to results@thevirtualrunchallenge.com or manually submit on our RESULTS page.
  • Share your achievement with your friends and tag us @virtualrunchallenge #virtualrunchallenge
  • Register for your next race!

Registration Is Now Open

Get to Know the Cause

ComplexTruths is a global effort, its main focus is to help create awareness for CRPS as well as searching for a cure.  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome also known as CRPS effects every organ and system in your body.  For more information about CRPS or ComplexTruths please visit their website at www.ComplexTruths.org

The focus of this event and the funds raised are to build technology & infrastructure for ComplexTruths.org to help keep our website alive, which has over 400 pages of information about CRPS, that reaches over 50,000 people a year worldwide, and will help keep our foundation spreading awareness to doctors and emergency rooms in the United States. We know that by creating a way for doctors to quickly look up information and protocols about the disease in a way they will understand and making literature available to them, we can close the gap from 3-5 years to less than one year.

Hand holding a red heart in the act of giving to a charity after a virtual race