RunnerMania Virtual Running Festival

With most running events and running festivals being canceled this spring and now starting to move into the summer and fall, we wanted to put something together that we can all look forward to and make the best out of virtual running events.

Introducing Runner Mania!  Runner Mania is a virtual running festival that will be scheduled for July 1st – 10th 2021.  Events to be offered are a 5k, Half Marathon, and the main event will be a 24 Hour Ultra judged based on completing as many miles as you can over a 24-hour time period.

Participants competing in the 5k and Half Marathon will be expected to complete their distance over the weekend starting July 1st and ending July 10th.   The 24 Hour Ultra will start at 12 pm ET for all participants on July 3th and end on July 4th.

Paid 5k & Half Marathon Participants will Receive:

  • Finisher Buckle Medal (with a specific 5k or 13.1 distance coin included)
  • 2021 RunnerMania Event Shirt
  • Official RunnerMania Tyvek Race Bib

Free Registered Participants will Receive:

  • Digital Finisher Medal Emailed to them
  • Downloadable Race Bib

Paid 24 Hour Ultra Participants will Receive:

  • RunnerMania Buckle (with 24hr ULTRA Coin insert)
  • Official RunnerMania Event Shirt
  • Official RunnerMania Tyvek Race Bib

How to Complete:

  1.  Choose your preferred event category.  Participants can choose from the virtual 5k, virtual half marathon, or the 24 Hour Ultra
  2. This event is scheduled for July 1 – 10th, you will be asked to submit your miles and report them via our results page after completion.   There will be a results leaderboard that participants can track how they compare.
  3. Recruit your friends, family, even co-workers to join this once-in-a-lifetime event! Remember to share your mission by tagging @virtualrunchallenge and #RunnerMania2021
  4. Join the Official RunnerMania Facebook Group or Strava Group

Registration Is Now Open

2021 RunnerMania Finisher Medal

Race Weekend Information

Hello and thank you all for registering for the 2021 RunnerMania Virtual Running Festival.  This is our second year putting this event together but we are still learning.  We have many people do some pretty amazing things last year especially in the 24-hour ULTRA event.

Starting with the individuals that will be participating in either the free or paid 5k or Half Marathon you are expected to complete your distance any time over July 1st until July 10th at 11:59 pm ET.   If you have reached out to us for special arrangements, you will still be included.

5k and 13.1 participants will be submitting their results via their Haku Account within their profile.  You can register here as well.    If you have not created an account on Haku yet please email us at and we can email you instructions to do so.

All participant’s BIBs have been assigned, if you have not received your bib number yet you may download it via your Haku Account as well.  We are doing our best to have packets in the mail for those that have paid registrations before but if you registered late or mail is slow, we want you to at least have a bib.

If you registered for the FREE version of this event you will receive your digital finisher medal within 24/48 hours of your results submission.

24 Ultra Participants 

First, off good luck to you all and thank you for participating in this event.  Again, this is only our second year for us in both distance and/or format, so please bear with us and if you have any suggestions please feel free to reach out.

Last year we have had some participants reach out to us with concerns about our 24-hour time period of 12 pm 7/4 until 12 pm on 7/5 and asked if we could allow some flexibility.  After consideration, we will allow some flexibility of the start time and finish time.  We will allow participants to start any time from 12 pm ET on July 3rd but must finish before July 5th at 1159pm ET.   Also, the 24 hours must be a consistent time.  Once you start your 24-hour period will begin at that time and finish 24 hours later.  The latest person can start to have the ENTIRE 24 hours available to participate would be 11:59 pm ET on July 4th.  You may start after this time, but you will not have the full 24 hours available if you do so.


Is there a minimum number of miles that I need to complete?   Our goal is for this event since it is our first to be fun and challenging for every participant.  With that said we would prefer that the minimum number of miles competed would be 25 miles to help differentiate from those that are taking on the 5k and 13.1 Double Slam Challenge.

Do I have to run for the entire 24-hour period of time? You do not have to run for the entire time.  If you set out and run 50 miles all in one shot and that is your submission you can definitely do that as long as it is within the 24-hour period of time.

If I start before the 24-hour mark has completed yet I finish after the cut-off time will my distance still count?  All miles submitted must be submitted before the cut-off time.  If you can squeeze in the extra mile before the 24-hour cut off that is ok but it must be received within before the cut-off to be accepted.

How do I submit my times for the Ultra? To start your 24-hour period of time you can text your Name, Bib Number to 561.288.4560.  This will be calculated as your official start time.

For those that are competing for head to head for the same 24 hours, we prefer that your submission frequency is at least every 2 hours so we can keep the leaderboard updated for those that are going head to head. Please do not submit your entire distance at the end of your 24 hours.

Submission times can be with photo screenshot proof to or emailed if the submission is not working to  You can also log your activity within your Haku Account Profile.  Just add a new activity and mileage for each segment that you run.

We won’t’ be concerned about how long it takes you to complete your distances (outside of the 24 hours for the event) as opposed to how much mileage you actually put into the event but please do send in your time for each segment.  We do like to keep track of pace times etc for our own record keeping and to also help reduce cheating.

I have someone assisting me during the event, can they submit my times and/or run with me?  You are allowed to have someone submit your times on your behalf.  They may also run with you to help keep you on pace if needed.  We will only count your miles though.  If your friend would like to sign up they still can.

Tip for Success – One thing that we have seen work well is that if you plot out a 5-mile course and take on this challenge 5 miles at a time by doing laps that might be effective.

In conclusion, I am sure there will be more questions before July 3rd so we will keep a running tally of all updated information on the RunnerMania Event page.  So please check there for updated information pertaining to the event for all distances.

Thank you again for being a part of the 1st RunnerMania Virtual Running Event!

The Virtual Run Challenge Team