Best Places to Go for a Run Around Denver, CO

Denver is known as one of the best places in the country for runners. Once you become accustomed to the altitude, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous vistas and varying terrain on your excursions. Here are some of the best trails and races to go for a run in Denver Colorado you can experience.

Waterton Canyon

Waterton Canyon is a dirt trail that will take you alongside the Platte River. You will not have to contend with any vehicular traffic, so the road will be all yours. The path has a slight uphill grade to it for six miles. Measuring 12.4 miles as an out-and-back trail, Waterton Canyon is a great choice for a long run. Keep your eyes peeled as you go because you may see some bighorn sheep along the way.

Source: Strava

Cherry Creek

For those who want to stay close to Downtown Denver, Cherry Creek is the right choice. It is fully paved, and it extends for 24 miles. The path goes from north to south, and you can utilize many different sections and still get in a full run. The trail will take you past numerous Denver landmarks. There are even sections of the trail that have separate paths for joggers and bicyclists.

Source: Great Runs

City Park

City Park is the main park in Denver, and it contains many different attractions. One of the draws is the almost fully paved three-and-a-half-mile path that rings the park. This course provides a great view. Not only can you run in the shadow of downtown Denver, but you can also see the mountains in the distance as you do. One of the great things about this trail is the fact that it is formed in a loop so you do not need to worry about getting too far away from your starting point.

Source: City Park Alliance


Here are some distance races you might find interesting in the Denver area:

  • Rock n Roll Denver – This October race starts downtown and goes to the zoo and back.
  • Spring Equinox Half Marathon & 4 Mile – This is a spring race that follows a downhill course on dirt and country roads.
  • Colfax Marathon and Half Marathon – This race is city running at its finest with a double out and back from Denver’s City Park.

Source: McWhinney

There are good reasons why Denver is known as a runner’s paradise. The area is beautiful, and runners can choose from a wide variety of different options. No matter when or where you decide to go running, you’ll be able to appreciate the world around you just a little bit more.

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