The Virtual Run Challenge was started as a community for individuals to come together to share their passion for movement and to create a unique way to raise money and more importantly awareness for causes that touch our every day lives.

Starting and still very active in the traditional race industry we have had the opportunity to be involved with races all over the world experiencing the how the bond of running brings people together. We wanted to be able to give participants the same race experience on their own terms and location and bring that same bond to a much larger scale.

We aim to create the most challenging, dynamic, and fun virtual runs in the industry.

Our goal as a company is to get individuals up and moving by motivating them and sharing our experiences in hopes to make a difference in others that may be less fortunate.

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Run to Give Back

For every virtual race that you run a part of your registration fee is donated to a designated charity for that race.   We believe that our stride is to both help individuals to become healthy as well as others that aren’t as fortunate.