5 Healthy Foods For Running

3 Foods to Give You the Energy Boost You Need for Your Run

Flagging energy can sink your motivation and allow excuses to take over your mind. You can fight back by providing your body with quick energy that’ll have you out the front door before your brain even knows what you’re doing.


Loads of B-vitamins make walnuts a great source of energy for runs, and the side benefits are too great to ignore. High in ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid, walnuts elevate your good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol, saving you from the inflammation that can harm arteries. Natural Health Research Institute reports that at least one study suggests that walnuts may reduce the bone breakdown we see in osteoporosis. They’ve also been shown to slow breast cancer. Other happy benefits of eating walnuts are stronger, healthier hair and nails.

All these great benefits come with a slight risk. Walnuts contain oxalates, which contribute to kidney stones in prone individuals, so it’s a good idea to avoid eating more than 1.5 ounces per day.


Packed with fiber and almost all of the nutrients of fresh fruits, dried fruits are great for an energy boost. Most of the water is evaporated during the drying process, leaving behind a sweet and energy-dense snack. Dried fruits can help keep you from bonking on super long runs and reduce your use of gel packets.

It’s important to read the ingredients as some fruit is coated in syrup before drying or has a sugar coating on the outside. These are known as candied fruits and are not interchangeable with dried fruits. Additionally, if you are sensitive to sulfites, you’ll want to choose dried fruits without them in the ingredients.

Treblad discusses how dried fruit is very dense in calories. As such, it is a great and healthy snack to eat in moderation before a workout. It makes a great quick energy boost that will help you get the most out of your running session. Dried fruit is also a healthy alternative to energy drinks.


Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium, which reduces the incidence of leg cramps and helps to restore electrolytes lost in sweat. Run to the Finish describes the benefits of bananas for running because they give 31 grams of carbs in the form of natural sugars. Vitamin B-6 maintains energy and provides support for muscle activity. Runners need slightly higher B-6 amounts because of all the glycogen and amino acids used during a run.

Plenty of energy during your runs helps you smash those goals and reduces your recovery time. The added vitamins, minerals, and fiber support your body in your quest for overall health.
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